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Chris Cuomo “explains” himself

Following my post last night about controversial CNN anchor Chris Cuomo saying, “Just be careful, cuz you know how they are–” when referring to the police, he has since made headlines elsewhere, such as Breitbart and Mediaite.

Since I’m a far better person than he (just ask me, I’ll tell you), I will post his explanation in full, via his Facebook page:

perception matters in sensitive situations like ‪#‎baltimore‬ and truth matters. I did not insult the cops as relayed by a couple of online outlets. Here is the truth: cops since curfew have asked me to warn people not to form chains or do anything after curfew but leave. And that any approaching of officers would be taken as provocation and potential arrest. You just can’t do it. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to help. They will do that job and they won’t take changes with discussing what they do with protestors before doing it.

The young men, while stating good intentions, were doing exactly what cops said not to do
So I was leveling with them, relating the obvious: if
You do what the cops say not to they will take you down. We had already seen exactly that the night before.

This is being interpreted as my bias vs police or their actions. I have reported just the opposite. I said just the opposite ALL NIGHT. check it.

This is being twisted to paint a picture of media anti cop bias. One outlet even sources a twitter account that is just some guy, making it seem like he is part of some legit CNN-based media watchdog. Ridiculous.

One reason cops have allowed us to be in such proximity is the trust we built with how we report what happens. They don’t always like it but they see it is straight.

The arrests we saw in last couple days square with this reckoning: the cops are not playing around. This is dangerous for them. If you ignore instructions like curfew and approach them in a way that seems provocative (like ignoring instruction and invading space) they will be aggressive
THATS HOW THEY ARE. and that is not an insult.

Ironically, the young men in red last night did not get taken down by the police. Instead, when their “helpful human chain” started pushing young men in blue, a squabble broke out and other citizens helped break it up and people dispersed. The police were just a symbol. No action needed.

Sensitives are raw and the situation is going to be tense tonight given new bits of investigation in the air. I don’t need public or police falsely believing I have an animus.
Let’s focus on the real hostilities at play.

Of course, while you can believe or not believe him all you want, I take issue with the part I bolded.

While I do, of course, appreciate the shout-out, at no point do I claim to be “some legit CNN-based media watchdog”. I watch CNN, I post stuff related to CNN, the comings and goings of its talent… but at no point to I claim to be “legit” – the tagline for my blog is “A viewer’s thoughts” and my Twitter account clearly disclaims any affiliation with CNN.

But go on, Chris… Smear away.


2 Comments on Chris Cuomo “explains” himself

  1. Cuomo lied in his response on Facebook. He misquoted himself and didn’t provide context. Hmmmm, this isn’t journalism, this is propaganda. No wonder CNN is hemorrhaging viewers.

  2. I refuse to watch CNN ever since their gutless airing of Peter Arnett’s filthy smears
    Arnett, who won a Pulitzer Prize reporting in Vietnam for The Associated Press, gained much of his prominence from covering the 1991 Gulf War for CNN. One of the few American television reporters left in Baghdad, his reports were frequently aired on NBC and its cable sisters, MSNBC and CNBC.

    Leaving a second network under a cloud may mark the end of his TV career. Arnett was the on-air reporter of the 1998 CNN report that accused American forces of using sarin nerve gas on a Laotian village in 1970 to kill U.S. defectors. Two CNN employees were sacked and Arnett was reprimanded over the report, which the station later retracted. Arnett left the network when his contract was not renewed.
    This is the kind of “journalist” that CNN.. as well as NBC.. MSNBC hires… only late did it come out just how anti-American.. how dishonest he was… making you rethink whether his pulitzer was based on lies too… back in the 60’s there was no internet,.. no talk radio so citizens could challenge a lie when they heard it…
    which was exactly how the lying left loved it… and why they claw so desperately to silence these venues.. silence Fox… they thrive on an ignorant public the left.. the more ignorant the better democrats do.. so they just keep piling on..
    CNN has a history of high profile left wing hacks.. Cuomo is just the latest… and not even as clever a liar…

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