Lara Baldesarra out at CNN

World Sport has just lost one of its full-time anchors: Lara Baldesarra has left the network.

Her thirty-minute edition of World Sport was never quite like the other bulletins; she always had plenty of commentary in hers, whereas the other editions were primarily reporting-structured.

She was a relatively new sports anchor too, having joined CNN International in November 2013. At the time, SVP of sports programming Bill Galvin said: “Her expertise as a leading voice in the sports world aligns perfectly with CNN’s commitment to providing a thoughtful perspective across a broad range of news and events.”

7 replies

    • I agree with Ligia Britton, Lara is a refreshing visitor in our mornings … she is very engaging, enthusiastic, ebullient. Most important of all, she speaks clearly… frankly a huge loss fort CNN! 😢

  1. I am glad. Quite frankly an annoying voice and too hyper hyper. I also did not want to hear her uneducated and sometimes childish comments about sports and sports professionals she obviously had very little idea about.

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