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Cuomo seems to have an issue with Baltimore PD

Reporting for Anderson Cooper on AC360, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said, “You have people in the public space, the curfew’s getting close […] Them being in the street is going to be a problem. I know they’re saying go home, they’re saying keep the peace, go home. But they’re in the streets. They’re walking toward the cops. You know walking towards the cops in the middle of the street, they’re going to come at you.”

A protester responded, “We’re going home… We’re going home… We’re not going towards them. We’re going home. We’re just keeping peace. […] We’re splitting up.”

“Just be careful, cuz you know how they are–” Cuomo cautioned him.

“Yes, sir,” the protester interrupted.

“–If you seem like you’re being provocative towards them, you know how things can go,” Cuomo finished.

“Oh, definitely… We’re going home, sir.”

Definitely sounds like Cuomo has an issue with the Baltimore PD. What journalist says, on air, “you know how they are” when referring to the police?

UPDATE (11:10amET 4/30):
Video has become available, via Hot News:


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