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Brooke Baldwin apologizes, on-air…again

At the top of CNN Newsroom, anchor Brooke Baldwin issued a second apology for insinuating veterans were “ready to do battle” when they return home from war. Earlier today, she apologized on New Day.

On CNN Newsroom‘s 2pm ET hour, she said:

“But for the second time today, I just wanted to take a moment and discuss something I said on my show just yesterday, and I just want to apologize. During my show, I gave credence to the idea that veterans returning from war who were police officers were furthering the problems in communities like these here in Baltimore and nationwide. And I just have to take a moment again today to say I was wrong. I was so wrong. To speak the way I did, involving our men and women in uniform, to perpetuate this false narrative, is on me, I own it, and I apologize. Please… let’s move on.”

Of Baldwin’s apology earlier today on New Day, Erik Wemple of the Washington Post praised:

That checks off all the boxes: Tone of contrition? Yes. Unconditional expression of regret? Yes. Absence of excuses and citations of extenuating circumstances? Yes. Even more critical is that Baldwin took to the CNN airwaves to transmit this full-throated mea culpa.

And now, she has done so twice.


1 Comment on Brooke Baldwin apologizes, on-air…again

  1. Aren’t new broadcasters allowed or required to use their brain it they have one. Brooke’s mouth is fast, it starts talking before her brain kicks in, is she has one. How in hell does she associate veterans with the riots in Baltimore. Is this one of those rare cases where a woman is hired for her looks and not her intelligence.

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