HLN preempts Forensic Files

This is something you don’t see every day (or at all?) – last night, when the Baltimore protests were heating up, around 5pm, rather than going with their evening block of Forensic Files, HLN made the conscious decision to stay live for an extra hour.

That’s right… instead of just going to tape, like they usually do, no matter the story, HLN decided they would stay live and cover it, just like a proper news organization (maybe there’s still a little bit of ‘news’ left in the ‘Headline News’).

Whether or not the ratings pan out will remain to be seen (Forensic Files is a bright spot in HLN’s ratings).

Either way, HLN proved one thing… We haven’t (completely) given up on news yet.

Anchors Ali Nejad and Yasmin Vossoughian

Anchors Yasmin Vossoughian and Ali Nejad

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