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Don Lemon blasted by his followers

Yes, Don Lemon is headed to Baltimore. Yes… he’ll probably cause problems tonight.

That’s not the cause of my post. Rather, it is to direct you to some key responses to his tweet, announcing that he was en route to the protests:

The replies:

There are more (many more), but you get the picture…


2 Comments on Don Lemon blasted by his followers

  1. Well, I’m sure Don will bring some 8×10 glossies to autograph.

  2. I get where they’re coming from… IMHO, Don Lemon has become unbearable over the last couple of years. I don’t see any empathy from him regarding the victims/victims’ families (e.g. Freddie Gray). It’s like he gets off on the excitement of reporting/being at the scene of another riot.

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