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Praise for CNN’s Freddie Gray coverage

Baltimore Sun reporter David Zurawik chronicled CNN’s coverage of Freddie Gray, writing that “CNN has been in a league by itself covering the Freddie Gray story.”

His first paragraph wasn’t totally spot-on: CNN went to tape at 9pm, (as it usually does), so I’m not sure that’s show the competition what ‘committed, competent’ coverage is. But that’s just me…

From boots on the ground in Baltimore covering protests and press conferences Monday, to a non-stop lineup straight through prime time Tuesday night of interview shows trying to provide context, CNN is showing the competition what committed, competent, TV news coverage looks like.

He praises on-ground reporters Suzanne Malveaux and Miguel Marquez:

Miguel Marquez, Suzanne Malveaux and the video and sound crews in Baltimore have given viewers a strong feel for events on the streets of Baltimore – particularly Tuesday at dusk as crowds gathered to protest and officials wondered what would happen when night fell. Marquez especially seemed to be in the middle of everything Tuesday night.

And Marquez was definitely in the middle of everything – a protester took his mic and yelled “fuck you!”

Praising CNN’s booking:

Most impressive were the news shows throughout the day and night, which were booked solid with strong analysts. And the talking-head analysts were not all the usual suspects.

Praising AC360‘s disclosure:

And give Cooper and his producers major journalistic points for the disclosure they provided in bringing on one of their experts Tuesday night. In introducing CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin, Cooper said, “She’s a former federal prosecutor. She worked in the Baltimore area, and, we should also mention, is friends with the Baltimore mayor.”

He even praises CNN’s lightning rod:

Even Don Lemon, who has come under considerable critical fire for some of his words and actions as a show host, came through Tuesday night.

His ending line:

But even if cameras do contribute in some ways to protests, I say they are still welcome — as long as the people behind and in front of them make as strong an effort to do solid journalism and public affairs television as those from CNN have made the last two days in covering the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray.

The full analysis can be found at The Baltimore Sun.

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