Trouble in Reliable Sources paradise?

Some media outlets have been critical of CNN’s Brian Stelter allowing disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner to appear on Reliable Sources and serve as some sort of media analyst. In an interesting report on the Daily Caller, Betsy Rothstein suggests there may be some trouble in Brian Stelter’s paradise.

Not only did Reliable Sources hit a year low, guest host Frank Sesno outperformed Stelter when he hosted late March.

Rothstein investigated whether bringing on ethics-challenged Weiner transitioned in to positive ratings for Stelter. The answer, as she found out, is no.

According to Nielsen ratings, “Reliable Sources” has seen its monthly viewership steadily drop since February of this year. In the last month alone, “Reliable Sources” is down 18 percent in total viewers and 8 percent in the demo (ages 18-34).

463,000 total viewers tuned into last Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” — 166,000 of those were in the key demo. (By comparison, FNC’s “Media Buzz” had 210,000 demo viewers and over 1 million total viewers.)

But there’s more… It seems Team Reliable isn’t too happy with Brian assuming some of their duties:

Producers of “Reliable Sources” are none too pleased with Stelter, who has taken over the show’s bookings, sources tell The Mirror. Stelter has, in effect, taken away the collaborative process that normally goes into these programs between producers and the host.

If you watch the Weiner clip, Stelter specifically says “I wanted Anthony Weiner on the show today.” Any good host would say, “We wanted…”

Producers for “Reliable Sources” are “being cut out of the loop by someone who had no TV experience before somehow getting this show,” an industry source told The Mirror on condition of anonymity.

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