CNN to broadcast interactive UK debate

CNN is going all in for the UK elections. Coverage on May 7 will be led by Hala Gorani and Max Foster, with reports from Christiane Amanpour, Nina Dos Santos, Phil Black and Richard Quest.

This Friday, April 24 at 7pm GMT, CNN International will air a special interactive debate.

Conservative peer Baroness Neville Jones, Labour’s Chris Bryant, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Steel, UKIP’s Louise Bours, and the SNP’s Humza Yousaf will be quizzed by CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour and London Correspondent Max Foster.

The debate will take place at the McLaren Technology Group’s new Thought Leadership Centre, in front of a specially selected audience designed to represent the UK electorate.

As part of the debate the studio audience will be invited to give its take on key issues, with the results displayed in real time on the debate floor. Topics such as immigration, Europe, the health service, the economy, and Britain’s place in the world are up for discussion.

In a prepared statement, CNNI’s EMEA Director of Programming, Gill Penlington, said: “There is huge interest in the UK election from an international perspective, especially with so many issues that transcend this country’s borders. This debate is the perfect chance to explore those issues, as well as get a genuinely representative picture of the UK electorate’s views on them. It should be a fascinating debate at a key point in the campaign.”

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