Coop talks about what drives him as a reporter

500 people bought tickets to hear the Anderson Cooper 360 anchor talk about what drives a reporter.

JournalNow writes:

“I always find it weird to be introduced as a TV news anchor,” Cooper said. “It’s nothing I ever set out to become.”

After graduating as a political science major from Yale University, Cooper began his career answering phones at ABC.

But choosing to follow his own path, Cooper borrowed a camera and visited war zones without a television network backing him.

He convinced digital news provider Channel One News to purchase his television packages.

Since that time, Cooper has witnessed war, natural disasters and the tragedies of everyday life.

“I wanted to go where the language of loss was spoken,” Cooper said. “Where life and death wasn’t something people feared talking about. It was something that they faced and talked about everyday.”

He talked about the suicide of his brother, and he was trying to survive without his brother in his life. “I needed to make some sense of what happened and learning from other people’s stories was one way to do that.”

The most important thing he’s learned?

“The line that separates each of us from one another, the line that separates the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick and the line that separate the living from the dead, that line is thread thin.”

(H/t Johnny Dollar)

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