Piers Morgan may get a new hosting gig

Piers Morgan, the former CNN host, who has spent his new-found free time criticizing his lead-in, Anderson Cooper, and even going as far as to suggest Megyn Kelly replace Coop on CNN, may have finally found something to do with his free time.

He was subbing on Good Morning Britain last week, and apparently, according to numerous British publications, he managed to mesh quite well. In fact, he managed to up the show’s viewership by an impressive 50,000 eyes.

Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid

Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid

Express cited viewers on Twitter who suggested GMB keep Piers on as the permanent co-host.

The Mirror, citing a source, wrote: “Piers’ stint was seen as testing the water, he passed with flying colours. He struck up great chemistry with Susanna and was a shot in the arm for the show. There is talk about him landing his own show or ­even returning to a more permanent role on GMB.”

In a separate line, The Mirror says a chat show has been floated for Morgan (so, along the lines of the same thing he did at CNN).

A spokesman for the network told The Mirror: “It worked well with Piers.”

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