UK Elections 2015

CNN International is running promos ahead of the United Kingdom’s 2015 election on May 7.

Coverage will feature CNNI business anchor Richard Quest, chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour, anchor Hala Gorani, and London correspondent Max Foster.

Watch the two promos, one featuring Quest and one featuring Foster:

2 replies

  1. Oh dear not the best line up Christiane who will look down her nose at everyone and only talk about Sturgeon all the time because she is a woman and only women can do anything right in her eyes.

    Max Foster the most boring man on CNN, hopefully Hala can help liven things up but why no Becky Anderson to interact with Quest.

    Quest needs a co host who he can feed off and I don’t think Amanpour & Foster will be the right ones.

    Does Robin Oakley still work for CNN if not who is the current UK political expert?

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