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More CNN Quiz Show on the way?

Despite Jeff Zucker telling Variety the CNN Quiz Show was “a one-night thing, and the amount of interest in it has surprised us,” a report circulated saying more episodes may be possible.


Host, Anderson Cooper

And then on a Facebook Q&A this morning, John Berman (a participant in the last show) answered a question about the status of CNN Quiz Show and said: “Stay tuned on Quiz Show…”

Which definitely isn’t a “it’s a one-time thing and we’re done” kind of response.

Quiz shows are a big deal for CNNers nowadays: HLN has Keywords, and CNNI’s Richard Quest is hosting 500 Questions for ABC.


3 Comments on More CNN Quiz Show on the way?

  1. Hope Lemon and Cuomo can stage a comeback.

  2. Is there anywhere I can see the first CNN Quiz Show? I realize its cringe-inducing, but I kinda want to see it anyway.

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