Sesay: Bring Back Our Girls

CNN International’s NewsCenter anchor Isha Sesay has been very outspoken about the abducted Nigerian girls, from discussing the issue on-air to tweeting #bringbackourgirls. Sesay was one of CNN’s correspondents on the ground, covering the abduction when it happened.

Back in October, she self-described herself as an “angry black woman” over Ebola, and how someone reacted when she said she was from Sierra Leone.

Today, she wrote a piece for

On the ground in Nigeria as part of CNN’s team covering the story, I was buoyed by this global solidarity.

Caught in the blinding glare of global attention, and facing a tide of questions about their bungled response to the kidnappings, the Nigerian government felt the weight of accountability and was spurred to take greater action; offers of assistance from the likes of the US, UK, France, and China were accepted.

Promise after promise was made by Nigerian government officials that the girls would come home — so where are they, and where is the global outrage over these broken promises and broken dreams?

My heart goes out to the grief-stricken loved ones of these missing girls on this painful anniversary.

Poor and socially marginalized, all many of them have is their hope that their girls will one day return.

The task of keeping that hope alive has largely been taken up by the handful of #BringBackOurGirls campaigners in Nigeria.

These men and women have worked tirelessly to keep the story alive for the past year; their struggle has been a painful and increasingly lonely one.

But as the world’s gaze has shifted they have continued to meet the Nigerian government’s silence with cries of: “Bring Back Our Girls, now and alive!”

At this point, finding the girls will not be easy. But it can be done. It must be done.

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