Exec worries if Brian Williams shows up elsewhere… CNN?

In a piece published today detailing the Brian Williams debacle at NBC News and the will-he or won’t-he return, a network executive was quoted as saying: “We have enormous talent here [with Brian Williams].”

And, that’s true. Up until his suspension, Nightly News was the leader, beating out ABC and CBS. But now, ABC has won two weeks in a row, according to Mediaite.

The source continued, “He has skills no one else has. Can we really get rid of him? The next question is, if we do, what if he shows up elsewhere [on a rival network]?”


Nightly News with Brian Williams

And, if you put any stock into a Vanity Fair report, it seems Jeff Zucker wouldn’t mind having Brian Williams at CNN… and that Zucker “fanned the flames of controversy” so he would eventually have to leave NBC News and seek employment elsewhere.

A source for Vanity Fair was quoted as saying, “[Williams going to CNN is] the perfect solution. Zucker gets a star, and Brian gets the talk show he always wanted.”

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