How CBS handled their vacancy vs CNN

It was on Wednesday when CBS Face the Nation moderator Bob Schieffer announced he would be leaving the program. It was on Sunday that Schieffer announced his replacement, CBS political director John Dickerson.

So a few days went by, and CBS wasted no time naming a successor.

Now for the important part: Candy Crowley left State of the Union on December 21st, 2014, and CNN has still yet to name a new anchor for the program.


Former political correspondent Candy Crowley

Months ago, I posted my list of potential candidates, in my mind (Tapper, Borger, King, Blitzer, and Gregory), and the person who I left out, Dana Bash, seems to be hosting the program a bit more than the other guest anchors. But is that a sure sign the gig is hers?

Not necessarily.

And even if it is her gig (and it very well may be), why wait? Make the announcement. CBS wasted no time making theirs, and CNN should have done the same.

Jeff Zucker told Variety in February about naming a new anchor: “There is nothing imminent. We’ll get to it soon but don’t feel any pressure to do so.”

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