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Brooke Baldwin to 10pm

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin will be in the anchor chair at 10pm next week for CNN Tonight, sitting in for her colleague Don Lemon, as revealed in the Variety piece about her show’s higher ratings.

Next week, she will get a chance to display some of her ability in a new venue. She will fill in for Don Lemon at 10 p.m., anchoring an hour that can be pretty frenetic. It’s not the first time she has ventured into the evening. After all, CNN tested her with appearances at 11:30 p.m. in late 2013. But the new duties come during primetime, where the network’s ratings seem to be always under scrutiny.

Baldwin hopes to “dive deep into some stories with great guests, and move my bedtime back quite a bit,” she says. She will continue to host the afternoon program.

It will be interesting to see how Brooke handles the hour. CNN Tonight has basically devolved into Don’s commentary hour, supplemented by two or three news reports. If Brooke manages the hour similar to her Newsroom block, and offers little opinion, it will go well for her. But if she uses this as a way to transform from a news anchor to an opinion host, it will be difficult for her to go back to being seen as an impartial news anchor for CNN Newsroom.

At any rate… It’s no accident she’s subbing for Don Lemon.

See this as (another) trial for her; she previously hosted In Case You Missed It at 11:30pm during Erin Burnett’s first maternity leave. After all, Don had at least three primetime trials before getting the 10pm gig (he subbed on Outfront, hosted The 11th Hour, and hosted The Don Lemon Show).

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