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Brian Williams: replacement for Larry King?

In a very lengthy Vanity Fair piece about the turmoil over at NBC News, there was an interesting gem that stood out about CNN and Jeff Zucker…

Many NBC observers simply can’t imagine a network anchorman ever returning to his former position after being exposed as Williams has. The most Machiavellian scenario, floated by an NBC partisan, is that Jeff Zucker, whose distaste for Comcast executives is well known, has fanned the flames of controversy so that he can eventually snare Williams for CNN—not as a newsman but as the long-sought replacement for Larry King. “That’s the perfect solution,” a source says. “Zucker gets a star, and Brian gets the talk show he always wanted.”

Could Brian Williams come to CNN, and take over the 9pm time slot, and be the new talk show host to fill the shoes left by Larry King?

Doubtful, but interesting…

(H/t John Nolte)


1 Comment on Brian Williams: replacement for Larry King?

  1. Why doesn’t CNN find talent that is NOT ALREADY established and mold them into stars? Fox did it with Megyn Kelly. I’d like to see Brooke Baldwin get a higher profile at CNN. They need to get some aggressive younger talent that is not established and groom them. They keep banking on left overs from other networks. (It was a good call with Jake Tapper) but time for fresher faces IMO.

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