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Alisyn Camerota opens up about leaving Fox, joining CNN

At last! CNN’s New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota finally addressed the elephant in the room: her move from Fox News Channel to CNN.

At CNN, she’s had exclusives interviews, hosted documentaries, anchored primetime specials, and she has appeared on every show across CNN’s platform – and she’s the morning anchor, which is her “dream job”. She’s moderated luncheons, panels on women’s issues, and flew to Texas to moderate a panel for former First Lady Laura Bush. She’s had many golden issues and is “really happy”.

And now?

“I’m really, really happy. And I know you all say I can’t possibly be happy [at CNN]… I think this is possibly the happiest moment of my career, my long career.”

And when she’s returning to Fox News? No time soon; she’ll be at CNN for “as long as CNN will have me.”

Watch Alisyn’s answer:

(H/t Mediaite)


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