Robin Meade on ratings

“I like to say… It’s good to be wanted.”

Flashback to an interview in June 2013, with HLN’s Morning Express anchor Robin Meade with HuffPost Live host Abby Huntsman.

Why am I bringing up an almost-two year old video?

In it, Huntsman asks Robin, “You have great ratings. You have higher ratings than Morning Joe, but you hear more about the shows on MSNBC and CNN. Is that ever frustrating?”

“Sometimes… I wonder if it’s because we’re based at the CNN Center in Atlanta, and not here where, I think most of the shows come from within ten blocks of another…”

Of course, early in January, CNN took out a NYT ad, touting CNN/HLN’s successes over MSNBC. But HLN doesn’t get much credit for when it beats CNN… which it has done very regularly this past month. In fact, Robin even beat New Day in the total ratings, which is surprising. Usually, when Robin beats the team of Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota and Michaela Pereira, it’s in the key demo, not the total.

Even though Zucker said, “There’s nobody better in morning TV than Robin Meade,” she’s still just at HLN, and getting little to no promotion… and she’s beating Zucker’s baby.

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