Andrew Demaria upped at CNNi

Andrew Demaria will be relocating to CNN London, where he will take over as CNN Digital’s International vice president and managing editor, according to Indian Television. He was previously based in Hong Kong.

CNN Digital has elevated Andrew Demaria from CNN Digital Asia executive producer to CNN Digital International vice president and managing editor. As part of the new role, he will be responsible for leading all editorial efforts and new initiatives across CNN’s digital platforms and CNN Arabic. He will officially take over the new role at the beginning of April.

While Demaria has spent the last few years in Hong Kong; as part of the new role, he will relocate to London in the coming months.

In addition to being a senior leader for CNN Digital, CNN International and beyond, Demaria will work closely with CNN International newsgathering TV and digital senior vice president Deborah Rayner’s newsgathering editors and managers around the world, thus leading the network to more distinctive digital work on the biggest stories of the day.

“He will also collaborate with the sales teams to generate features and specials that appeal to both audiences and advertisers. He’ll also help identify new audiences and opportunities in new markets, working with teams across CNN Worldwide to seize what we all believe is a huge global digital potential for CNN across mobile, social and desktop,” said CNN Digital editor in chief Meredith Artley.

(H/t Coverage Notes)

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  1. This is a sad move for CNN. Andrew Demaria exemplifies precisely the cheap, tacky, clickbait journalism that the network ought to be avoiding like the plague. By publicly placing him in a position of influence, they’re sending a message that quality writing and solid research are matters of no interest to them.

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