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Jane Velez-Mitchell’s new gig

Former HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell has landed a new gig! She left HLN in October after her primetime show was canceled as part of Turner Broadcasting cuts.

Jordan Chariton of TheWrap has the details of her new gig:

Jane Velez-Mitchell, former longtime HLN anchor, is launching a new show on following her as she builds her new social media network,

The show will go behind the scenes, spotlighting Jane as she builds out the social site with parter Donna Dennison. The website will focus on Jane’s attempt to raise awareness of changes to the planet and the animals affected.

“Social media is where it’s at and I’m thrilled to be on the cutting edge of it,” Velez-Mitchell said. “Our original content tears down the 4th wall and offers an uncensored look at the grueling yet exhilarating nature of social activism.”

“Jane Velez-Mitchell is an incredible talent, and she compassionately speaks for the voiceless,” ConnectPal CEO and former Premiere Networks Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Andy Dean, said. “I am extremely excited that Jane Velez-Mitchell’s fans will get to connect more closely with Jane’s compelling commentary.”

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