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Bill Weir’s The Wonder List Q&A

Ahead of Sunday night’s premiere of The Wonder List, host Bill Weir is making the media rounds, touting his new show.

A snippet of his interview with Men’s Journal is below:

What’s The Wonder List about?
In its stripped-down, one-word essence it’s a show about change. It all started when I looked at my now 11-year-old daughter and realized that she is going to turn my age in 2050, and I just wondered. Will she still live on a planet with wild tigers? With a Jordan River and a Dead Sea? How much of the glaciers in the Alps will be gone? How many species in the Galapagos will be gone? Will there still be perfect little island nations without strip malls and burger joints? The basic idea was to ask these grand existential questions about an age of blazingly fast change, and then go to these fantastic places — which we all agree are precious in their current form—and meet the people who are witnessing these changes, and understand how they feel about it, for better or for worse.

How did you choose which places to include on the list?

We wanted it to be as diverse as possible, and as surprising as possible and not just make it a series about a changing climate or species extinction, but to touch on all of these, and then throw in some unexpected ones like this island in Greece, one of the so-called blue zones, where people live to 100 at a staggering rate. Using that episode as an example, there are a dozen different reasons these folks have figured out how to beat the grim reaper, but one big reason is that modern society has pretty much passed them by. As a quirk of geography and geology, this island really missed out while the rest of Europe entered the 21st century. But now they’re getting Facebook and Wi-Fi, and junk food and a lot of folks are worried that this life is going to disappear. That concept became a one-hour program on lifestyle and aging. I want each one of these to stand alone as sort of a little cinematic time capsule of amazing places.

You can read the full Q&A at Men’s Journal.


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