Erin Burnett’s Maternity Leave

Erin Burnett is pregnant (again), which means some months from now, the CNN anchor will be going on maternity leave.

Unlike fellow CNN personality Kate Bolduan who lost her gig while on maternity leave, Erin is safe.

She continues to do well in her time slot, and is often the leader in primetime for CNN.

When she signed her new contract, it added on a CNNI program.

One thing to watch is to see who will sub for her. Will it be Brianna Keilar or Jim Sciutto, who have often subbed for her? Possibly — or it may be Jake Tapper, who CNN has been slowly pushing into primetime. Brooke Baldwin is another possibility; she hosted ICYMI at 11:30pm for a brief stint during Erin’s previous maternity leave.

And, will her CNNI program continue during her maternity leave, or will it take a hiatus until her return? If it continues, it could help boost the profile of whomever is her sub anchor, because they will not only get a CNN Domestic audience, but an International audience as well.

The important thing is picking a formidable substitute: while Brianna is good, I don’t think she would be able to continue Erin’s ratings success. Jim or Jake, most likely, would be the best bet.

11 replies

  1. Brooke Baldwin is the best candidate to me. Jake Tapper has his own show 3 hours before (although I know they do the same with Wolf Blitzer) and Jim Sciutto probably wouldn’t keep the ratings up.

    • Frank Lawrence, we’re more interested in her intellect than her measurements. We’re talking news, not tabloid headlines nor your sexual fantasies. What a disgustng sexist remark!

    • I know I’m late in responding to this, but it doesn’t matter. Are you kidding me? She’s like octomom with 1 child and another on the way and she is stunning to me. I think Brooke Baldwin would be the best choice especially over Jake Tapper. I like him, but he has his State of the Union on Sundays now. Brooke, Erin and Anderson are my favorites on CNN. I liked Don Lemon a lot for awhile, but as of late I don’t care for his way of reporting. He doesn’t seem to be neutral in my opinion. He seems to show his opinions a great deal. It’s a shame because I thought he was really good for awhile.

  2. Frank, you certainly have a distorted view of what is a healthy weight. What a pathetic thing to make such snide, irrelevant remarks. It’s sad and unfortunate when people equate attractiveness with being stick thin. Ms. Burnett is slender, healthy, and has a brain. Perhaps you need to raise your IQ and give those grey cells a boost.

  3. I just started to notice Erin Burnett’s second baby bump. I’m very happy for her, but as last time I will miss her while she is on maternity leave. I love the way she presents the news, whether it be breaking news or smaller news events. I agree with everything others posted about Frank’s post. Frank your post was disgusting.

  4. I agree with everyone’s post about Frank being an idiot, however, I am not really a fan of Erin’s as she comes across in quite an arrogant fashion. I don’t care for Don Lemon either. The guy is just a D-Bag. The one anchor on CNN that is any good is Anderson Cooper. I also enjoy his segments on 60 Minutes.

  5. Why is Pamela Brown so rude and accusatory to her guests? Asks questions and interrupts them before they can finish their reply. She’s off my watchlist.

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