HLN lifted Nancy Grace’s GMA ban?

Back in 2013, PageSix reported Jeff Zucker was “banning all CNN and HLN personalities from appearing on ‘GMA.’”

A CNN rep later clarified that claim, saying:

“While it is true that Nancy no longer appears on ‘GMA,’ it has nothing to do with banning [particular] clients. Like every other cable network and broadcast outlet with a morning show, we ask that CNN/HLN talent not appear on other network’s morning shows, unless they are promoting a book or a personal project.”

Well, Nancy wasn’t promoting a book or a personal project, but she was on ABC’s GMA this morning, debating Mediaite founder/ABC legal analyst Dan Abram on the American Sniper trial.

A clip is below:

So either HLN changed their rules…or Nancy’s breaking them.

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  1. Nancy Grace appears on GMA all the time, and has done several appearances since the “Ban” was leaked. Additionally, Nancy was also on 20/20 a couple of weeks ago and was identified as an “ABC News Contributor” and she also appears on ABC’s online news segments to discuss trials. It appears Nancy is an employee of CNN and ABC just like Donna Brazille and Ana Navarro.

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