Uh, what?

In an article on Forbes about CNN’s predicted growth in advertising revenue in the coming year, the reporter ended with a paragraph I take issue with:

Jeff Zucker has been the president for CNN for two years now and he has been trying to bring in more of the opinion based programming and less newscasts on the network to boost its ratings. However, it is noticed that CNN’s viewership increases at the time of major events such as missing Malaysian Airlines plane last year, as people prefer CNN to other news network for an in-depth coverage. Given these trends, we wonder if it would make sense for CNN to bring in more shows. Also, the network’s strong gains over MSNBC in 2014 were a result of its coverage on news events and not its reality shows. While CNN should continue to see higher ratings during events, it will be interesting to see if Mr.Zucker’s efforts of introducing more opinion based programming pays off in the coming years.

I disagree with that 100%. Zucker has brought in nonscripted docuseries to boost ratings, sure. But to say they’re doing “opinion” shows and not newscasts is ridiculous.

I am willing to say CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello does more opinion, and CNN Tonight with Don Lemon does opinion too, but other than that, CNN is all newscasts…

As for the last bolded sentence: Again, what opinion based programming? You mean nonscripted series…not opinion. Plus, with any luck, Zucker won’t be at CNN in “the coming years.”

(H/t Johnny Dollar)

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