Matt Speiser parts with CNN

Matt Speiser, the deputy DC bureau chief of CNN, took the buyout offered months ago, and his last day was Friday.

Fishbowl DC reports:

Speiser, whose last day was Friday, joined CNN in 2000 as a senior producer and had served since 2007 as the DC deputy bureau chief and senior director of operations. In that role, Speiser was responsible for the design of CNN’s Washington control room and the “CNN Election Express,” its roving campaign-coverage bus.

Fishbowl DC also obtained his farewell memo:


As you might have heard, today is my last day at CNN. Last summer, the company offered buyouts to some folks like me, and I eagerly jumped at the opportunity. I had been interested in stepping into another chapter in my career, and this package is giving me the opportunity. I’m very grateful.

That isn’t to say I won’t miss CNN. I’ve had a wonderful time here over the past 15 years, where I’ve served in so many capacities and done so many interesting things, I sometimes felt guilty. I ran the desk during the DC Sniper story, created Newsdesk and oversaw the rebuilding of the studios and control rooms and much of the bureau workspace. When I started as a newspaper reporter, I never thought my career would involve buying a bus or finding a wall that was “magic” or producing lightshows on the Empire State Building. Who could have asked for more?

I know it’s a cliché, but it is very true: It will be relatively easy to leave the company, but leaving you all behind is another story. I’ve made some great friends here since 2000. This is truly a second family to me, and it is extremely hard to say good bye.

Thanks again for everything.

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