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… We were moving ahead!

Give CNN credit: they may be doing less with less, but they still carved out enough money in the budget to take at a full-page ad in the New York Times, blasting MSNBC’s morning show, Morning Joe.

“While you were leaning forward, we were moving ahead!”

The “lean forward” slogan is MSNBC’s progressive slant, and evidently CNN wasted no time blasting it.

For the year of 2014, CNN and HLN were tied, both ahead of MSNBC, up 4%.

And the day after the elections… CNN and HLN both beat MSNBC in the demo!

The MSNBC host, for his part, responded on Twitter, speaking directly to CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker:

Let me leave you with just one Zucker quote: “There’s nobody better in morning TV than Robin Meade.”

(H/t Brian Stelter)

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