Alisyn Camerota: Conservative or liberal?

Answer: Who really cares?

Permit me to set the stage:

Alisyn Camerota joins CNN, and some CNN viewers criticized them for hiring a “conservative” from “Faux” News.

This morning, Alisyn went out of Studio 71 and joined her New Day co-anchor, Chris Cuomo. Coincidentally, Newsbusters is now blasting her, and essentially insinuating she’s a liberal and too cozy to NYC Mayor de Blasio:

Following Camerota’s over-the-top greeting with DeBlasio, Cuomo proclaimed it’s “a welcome sight when the mayor comes and the hot cocoa comes.” Camerota beamed that “this is how we treat our guests” and “we appreciate you braving the elements to come down here.”

While this moment is certainly lighthearted, one has to wonder how close the CNN hosts are to New York’s Democratic politicians given that one of them happily embraced one of America’s most liberal mayors while the governor’s brother, and CNN host, looked on.

Flashback to March 27, 2013…

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post criticizes Alisyn and her producers for only booking guests who support the “conservative” POV:

Talk to any seasoned viewer of Fox News, and they’ll likely cite the merits of the network’s moderated debates between two people of opposing points of view. OK.

But many interviews on Fox News last Friday featured a much more simple format:

– As discussed above, Camerota discussed Obamacare with Stirewalt: “Nobody’s been covered.”
– In an “America Live” segment on New York’s new gun control laws, Camerota’s only guest was conservative radio personality Lars Larson, who pushed back heavily against the law.
– Camerota discussed health-care economics with Melissa Francis of the Fox Business Network: Obamacare’s numbers, Francis argued, just don’t add up.
– Camerota also talked about Benghazi with Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland, a former Reagan aide and Republican Senate candidate, who said we “don’t have answers about…why did nobody try to rescue” U.S. personnel, dismissing what reasons the White House has given as “excuses.”

What’s my point in all this? The point is, she hugged a mayor and handed him (and her brand new co-anchor) hot chocolate. So what? When she was at Fox, she was called a conservative. At CNN, she’s called a liberal.

Really, folks?

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