The place for hookers, cooking — and a game show

Who watches the cable news network (er, you know — CNN) for news anymore? Well, the way Jeff Zucker is evidently thinking… no one.

Earlier today, a report surfaced that Anderson Cooper will host a political game show as an on-air trial on February 16.

Back in December, a RadarOnline report surfaced by Alan Duke (who is a former CNN LA reporter) that Zucker approached Sony about a political “Jeopardy.”.

Evidently that didn’t pan out since CNN is producing their own political game show.

So now, CNN has devolved into the place for hookers (Lisa Ling), cooking (Anthony Bourdain), and now game shows (Anderson Cooper)…

Yes, Anderson Cooper, the man who also is CNN’s primetime news anchor, the host of AC360. As media reporter Alex Weprin pointed out, “Anderson Cooper’s name has come up as a possible replacement for Alex Trebek come 2016.”

So, who knows — maybe if his ratings at CNN don’t get any better and if this game show actually goes well, he can go over to CBS full time (he is already a 60 Minutes correspondent for CBS News) and host Jeopardy.

Zucker’s tinkering in the game show world will continue to hurt CNN’s news brand. Already CNN has become associated with non-news personalities, such as Anthony Bourdain, Morgan Spurlock, Lisa Ling, John Walsh, etc — adding a game show to the mix will only make things worse.

Already, conservative media blogger John Nolte is attacking CNN for this (stupid) decision on Breitbart:

With its ratings at an all-time low and its journalistic ethics almost constantly under fire, left-wing CNN is once again conceding it can no longer compete as a serious news organization with the revelation Wednesday that the production of a game show is under way.

CNN invites criticism for some of the things it does regularly (letting Don Lemon ad-lib stupid things such as black holes, why a rape victim didn’t bite her attacker, etc). They don’t need to open themselves to additional, unnecessary criticism.

Yet, by bringing in a game show hosted by your PRIMETIME news anchor, you will invite totally (unnecessary) criticism. Just get rid of the show.

Anderson seems to like his Friday nights off pretty regularly, meaning a guest anchor has to come in and do his show. But maybe, just maybe, if this political show does well on its debut, Zucker could have AC360 only air Monday to Thursday, and Coop’s game show would air at 8pm on Fridays.

Everyone wins in that scenario…except, of course, the person who watches CNN for live news — and not sex, marijuana, cooking…or a game show hosted by your lead news anchor.

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