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Erin Burnett OutFront comes to CNNI

Erin Burnett will be bringing her program to CNN International. It will air in thirty-minute formats on Saturdays and Sundays.

On Saturdays, it will air at 9am and 3pm ET. On Sundays, it will air at 10amET and 8:30pmET.

The program will focus on the big stories of the week.

A source gave us some of the specifics:

“ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT will now air an additional show on CNN International starting this week. There will be two half-hour shows- one airing twice on Saturdays, the other airing twice on Sundays. The show will feature interviews and conversations at the heart of the global conversation. It will feature some of the best packages and interviews also from her primetime show.”

This program had been reported on in July, but nothing had been said of it since, until now.


1 Comment on Erin Burnett OutFront comes to CNNI

  1. Why do CNNi viewers need Erin Burnett, in fact why does CNN need Erin Burnett in fact why do any news viewers need Erin Burnett?

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