Zucker sets the record straight

In a town hall that was televised to all CNN bureaus, Jeff Zucker answered questions from staffers on Wednesday.

A few nuggets from Politico’s Dylan Byers report on the meeting:

Nothing was off the table: One staffer asked if CNN was going to be sold to Yahoo, which has reportedly been eyeing an acquistion of the network. “Definitely not,” Zucker said, and left it at that. Another staffer expressed anxiety about future layoffs, following the severe staff cuts last fall. Zucker acknowledged that 2014 had been a “tough year” but said it was “behind us” and intimated that there would be no mass layoffs in the year ahead.

One staffer even got Zucker to acknowledge that the network overuses the “breaking news” banner, which Zucker has said all cable news channels do — to a fault.

The Yahoo-buying-CNN goes back to an earlier report, where sources said that Yahoo executives were interested in buying a cable news network.

That a staffer got Zucker to admit they overuse the “breaking news” chyron is amusing to me, because nothing will change…as he basically said, by saying “all” channels do so.

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