Where is Susan Hendricks?

Susan Hendricks, who up until recently co-anchored a block of HLN Now (which has since disappeared to make room for The Daily Share) and served as the newsreader for CNN’s AC360 Bulletin, has disappeared.

The addition of The Daily Share seems to have eliminated her HLN airtime. It also cut Mike Galanos, who was shifted to Morning Express.

While all of HLN’s Atlanta-based staff were at CNN Center in Studio 7 celebrating HLN’s “relaunch” and taking as many pictures as possible… Susan was nowhere to be found.

And in the “team pic,” showcasing on-air talent Robin Meade, Christi Paul, Melissa Knowles, Ali Nejad, Lynn Berry, Jennifer Westhoven, Mike Galanos, Nancy Grace, etc… You will notice Susan Hendricks is nowhere to be found:2015/01/img_0543.jpg
It’s not impossible she was off, but highly unlikely. All of HLN’s Atlanta based team was celebrating the relaunch, all day — the only other notable two people missing from the photo are Dr. Drew (who is based in Los Angeles) and Brian McFayden, who was reporting on-location for MXP.

CNN Commentary did reach out to an HLN publicist on Susan’s new role, but as of this posting, have not heard back.

UPDATE: She has left HLN. Official statement can be found here.

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