Morning Express’ new home


Goooooood morning, sunshine!

This morning, Morning Express with Robin Meade moved into their new home, CNN’s former Studio 7. I was initially disappointed after seeing how The Daily Share would use it — but, Robin and team used it very well.

Robin makes her way throughout much of the studio. She has a news desk (shown above), and she also makes her way to the HLN newsroom (embedded into Studio 7):

She also makes her way over to what is now Jennifer Westhoven’s Your Money place:

And, since you can’t get rid of the couch on any morning show…

All in all, it looks fantastic, and I’m proud to call Morning Express my morning show of choice.

The only thing I don’t like is that HLN has removed the live bug completely…even from live parts (where you can see the live time on Robin’s teleprompter). Nothing wrong with removing it, I guess… I just don’t like it.

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