Greta sends kudos to Chris Cuomo

Oftentimes, people blog about the shots Fox News takes at CNN (and vice versa), and rarely about the “good” moments.

This morning, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren sent out a tweet to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, saying, “[Y]ou are doing great work in Paris.” She followed up, with some sarcasm, adding, “[A]nd yes, I know my tweet is “public” and that the world can see a Fox person saying a CNN [employee] is doing great job.”

Chris, meanwhile, thanked her, saying he had returned home to be with his family.

This isn’t the first time Greta has praised Chris (or come to his defense). When he interviewed his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo, he received lots of (understandable) blowback. But Greta came to his defense, saying at the time:

Maybe it is my background in law ….but I have no problem with Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother the NY Governor about the train crash. A conflict of interest is when some vital information is deliberately hidden from the viewer so that the viewer can’t make a decision himself/herself about the content of an interview and the potential for bias.

What could be more obvious here? They are both named Cuomo! And if that is not enough, per the article linked below, CNN’s Cuomo said “Now obviously to those who don’t know, we are family, so we’ve been talking about this a lot.”

Both Greta and Chris have worked at Fox and CNN thus far in their careers.

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