Mike Galanos joins Morning Express

HLN’s former anchor of five hours of programming, Mike Galanos, has landed a new gig: Morning Express.

He previously anchored HLN News Now (5-hour block) with HLN’s correspondents contributing. It eventually was renamed HLN Now, and he was given a shortened block, with Vinnie Politan taking some of his hours for On This Case.

Now, he lost his show altogether (as a result of the new HLN, to debut next week). He has joined Morning Express with Robin Meade. An HLN spokesperson said he will be reporting on the trending news.

He’ll be leaving HLN in 3…2…1.

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  1. Mike Galanos cohosted evening news on HLN a decade ago with Rudi Bakhtiar. I liked her much more than I liked him but she left and he stayed. For a while, Mike represented the Christian viewpoint on current events.

  2. Re Donald Trump. Personally I don’t like the man. BUT when I first heard his remark about the blood coming out of her whatever I thought it was terrible. Then I realized it was taken out of context. When I heard his entire statement on your broadcast I took it to mean eyes, ears, nose, mouth. I am sick to death of political correctness. I am all for being polite and reasonable but this pc has been carried too far.

  3. I am very disappointed with the biased reporting done by the press. The press are Democrats and always report positive stories about Democrats and negative stories about Republicans. You always report negative stories about guns. I have never heard a positive story about gun ownership from you. You have never done a story about defending the second amendment with the same passion you use to defend the first amendment. After the second debate where was the story about Hillary saying that she tells people whatever they want to hear. Law enforcement in this country is out of control from being given exemptions to the very laws they enforce on the public. They are not held accountable for their actions. The press gives law enforcement a pass just like fellow officers. Have you ever done a story on wasteful foreign aid that could be better used here. I feel more threat from my own government than any terrorist organization. It is easy to say that the government answers to the people but when the government hides behind national security secrecy how do the people remove corruption?
    My name is Doug Webb. I am a retired Veteran and I expect more from my government and the press

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