CNN Lineup Changes

Kate Bolduan will be leaving New Day, as had widely been anticipated. Instead of returning to DC or possibly taking over SOTU, she will be replacing Michaela Pereira on This Hour, and serving as John Berman’s new co-host.

New Day will now have three full anchors: Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota, and Michaela Pereira. Michaela is no longer the news reader.

Jordan Chariton of The Wrap reports:

[Kate Bolduan] will become co-anchor of @ThisHour with John Berman at 11amET, replacing Michaela Pereira, who has been promoted from news anchor for “New Day” to co-anchor alongside Cuomo and Camerota.

Behind-the-scenes, Javi Morgado, has ascended to Executive Producer of the morning show, replacing Matt Frucci, who was cut from the show during 2014’s widespread layoffs. Morgado joined CNN in 2011 as Senior Broadcast Producer for morning shows. Jim Murphy will remain Senior Executive Producer.

Camerota’s officially starts as co-anchor on January 19th; Bolduan joins @ThisHour on January 26, returning from maternity leave.

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