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Jack Vale Offline comes to HLN

Jack Vale is bringing a new show to HLN primetime, called Jack Vale Offline. It will air at 10pm ET, with new episodes every Thursday.

Tubefilter reports:

Jack Vale is no stranger to the online masses and has appeared on late night talk shows, but HLN wants to get him in front of an even larger audience. The television channel is planning a new reality TV series based around the YouTube prankster and his family.

According to an HLN blog post from December 22, the upcoming TV show will be called Jack Vale: Offline. It will follow the life of the YouTuber, his wife Sherry, and their five kids (Jake, Chris, Madysyn, Jaxon, and Jazmyn) through the “creation, planning, execution, editing, and posting of prank videos.” The family will temporarily relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to reach a fresh batch of innocent bystanders to prank; people are already familiar with Vale’s antics in his hometown of Manhattan Beach, California.

HLN decided to focus on Vale’s entire family,
and not just Jack himself, because the YouTuber is a family man who’s “forced his pranking obsession on the whole family.” HLN also wants to see what challenges come with raising children in the Internet age. “How can Jack make them stop watching videos online, when there are videos of him?” the network’s blog post queries.

Vale and his family are not the first YouTubers to make the leap from online video to television. The Epic Meal Time guys can be found on FYI Network in their series Epic Meal Empire, and The Fine Bros have taken their popular React series to Nickelodeon with a new show called ReactToThat.

Jack Vale: Offline will debut on January 13, 2015 at 10 PM EST on HLN with new episodes every Tuesday. The YouTube prankster currently has over 1.2 million subscribers and more than 238 million video views on his primary channel.


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