Brian Stelter: news anchor and media critic?

Today, Brian Stelter anchored a live, rolling coverage version of Reliable Sources, focusing on Flight 8501.

The problem, you ask?

It aired on both CNN and CNN International (so this was Brian’s debut anchoring on CNNI), and this causes a big problem for CNN and Brian’s media reporting.

He is CNN’s senior media correspondent, and his show critiques (among others) Fox News, MSNBC, and his own employer, CNN, for their coverage of whatever’s going on that week.

So how can he justifiably offer analysis (because let’s be real: CNN has gone all out, canceling all taped shows, and they’re going to make some huge mistakes) and criticism, when he also served as a news anchor during the fiasco?

I say, his bosses made a big mistake having him anchor, and it will hurt his ability to impartially analyze any coverage.

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  1. This isn’t the first time he’s contributed to CNN’s news programming. In the past he’s covered Ferguson, snowstorms, MH370 and the Sony hacking. When a news organization has hired you as a journalist and they have holes to fill and you’re available to fill those holes, I don’t see why they wouldn’t use him.

    At most news orgs, when a big story breaks and they need manpower it doesn’t matter what your beat is. Worst case scenario – when they are breaking down CNN’s coverage down the road, he can make a disclosure about his role and have someone else come on as a guest to analyze what transpired.

    But his job is as a correspondent, not as a critic. Let’s not underestimate the viewer’s intelligence.

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