CNNi, in 2015

In my mind, here’s what CNN International needs to do in 2015…

— Lynda Kinkade. She moved to Atlanta this month, so she’s (probably) going to be hired anyway.

— Manisha Tank. She’s freelanced on and off for years, and she’s a real talent.

— Erin Hawksworth. While some of CNNI sports anchors present the sports news in a fluffy manner, Erin manages to make it interesting to watch, without being over the top.


— Get rid of all the confusing show titles: CNN Newsroom, NewsCenter, International Desk, News Stream, and CNN Today. Give them all one name. All the shows are the same, and they have practically identical formats (CNN Today and News Stream to a lesser extent, though).

— The World Sport cut-in. No one wants to see sports headlines so frequently. Cutting fifteen minutes out of News Stream, iDesk and CNN Today is too much. The show airs twice through the weekday on CNNI…that’s plenty.

— The Quest Means Business 9pmET repeat.


— Hour-long news programs on the weekend. Why only 30 minute shows during the weekend, and an hour weekdays? Expand two or three of the shows to an hour.

— Another show for Isha Sesay. She deserves more airtime than a thirty-minute NewsCenter and the occasional feature program.

— A show at 9pmET. Re-airing QMB is unnecessary. Add a live hour of news from CNNI: maybe Manisha Tank or Anna Coren from Hong Kong.

— Shows from other bureaus on the weekends. On Saturday, every show comes from the U.S. CNNI is an international network – there need to be shows from other bureaus. Why not have a few hours from London or HK?


— Finalize the four-hour simulcast block and confirm the anchor pairings. I would prefer Rosemary Church/John Vause, and Errol Barnett and either Natalie Allen or Isa Soares.

— If the anchor is absent, have a correspondent from that bureau fill-in. Don’t throw to Atlanta; we see enough of that studio as it is.

Question going into 2015:

When Erin Burnett upped with CNN this year, part of her new contract stipulated she would receive an additional program, this one aired on CNN International. It was supposed to debut by the end of 2014… The question is:
is it still coming, or did it get axed already?

2 replies

  1. No to Linda Kilkade dullllll…CNNi have got a winner with CNN Today they need to build there other shows around this.

    CNNi must must drop the repeat of boring Amanpour and show CNN Today instead.

    Take Wolf off CNNi it is not international friendly.

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