The Lead at 9 – er, maybe not

Yesterday, Somebody’s Gotta Do It with Mike Rowe was going to be preempted for a special The Lead with Jake Tapper.

Jake Tapper later confirmed it when some of his followers asked him. Later on in the day, in fact, he tweeted this (it has since been deleted):

#TheLead will be on at 4 PM Eastern and then also tonight again a brand-new #TheLeaf broadcast at 9 PM Eastern

Yet, as the day progressed, plans changed (without Jake saying a word).

The online schedule returned 9pm to tape, indicating that the new Mike Rowe would air, as had originally been slated.

As it turned out, Erin Burnett revealed at the end of OutFront she would be back in the 9pm hour. But the hour wasn’t branded OutFront — it was branded a CNN Special Report. There’s no reason it couldn’t have kept the EBO branding; after all, originally it was going to be branded The Lead.

So… My question is: what the hell? Rowe, then Tapper, then Rowe, then Burnett… Make up your mind!

Discuss Below!

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