Parisa Khorsravi leaves CNN

Parisa Khosravi, who was formerly Senior Vice President for CNN Worldwide, in charge of Global Relations, has decided to leave CNN, FTVLive has learned.

She said:

To my dear CNN family in every corner of the world, we have covered and made history together. I will cherish it all.

I joined CNN because of Ted’s commitment to international news and have had the honor of being part of helping build CNN to a global news power house.

The front row seat to every major news event for nearly three decades has been awesome and humbling.

I now want to change gears and go after some new opportunities and will be retiring from CNN in the weeks ahead.

My deepest appreciation to Ted Turner for creating our amazing CNN and allowing us, present and past CNNers to have such an incredible journey covering our world.

Wherever you are and whatever story you are covering, be safe!


In her goodbye note, as FTVLive’s Scott Jones pointed out, she made no mention of her current boss Jeff Zucker.

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