HLN Special Report: 7pm

CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin and HLN legal analyst Joey Jackson hosted an HLN Special Report tonight at 7pm ET.

According to Sunny, it will air all week long.

The program aired from CNN’s New York bureau and came from the newsroom set (home to CNN Newsroom and Legal View). Although very little comes from the NY newsroom studio that looks nice, this show actually had a pretty nice set-up:IMG_0052.PNG
Although this is billed as a “special report,” I can’t help but feel this may be some sort of trial run for the two analysts. The unfortunate thing is, come January, HLN will fully embrace being the “social media network” with the debut of The Daily Share.

Neither Joey nor Sunny are new to getting temporary shows.

Recently, Sunny served as the co-anchor of Making The Case with Mark Geragos; it only aired once before being pulled from the air due to rolling MH370 coverage. Right now, Sunny co-hosts a Saturday talk show with Mel Robbins, Sally Kohn, and Margaret Hoover.

Meanwhile, Joey has anchored HLN Now: On The Case, following the departure of Vinnie Politan (and he has guest anchored Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace); since then, On The Case was pulled from HLN’s lineup.

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