And, State of the Union goes to…

Veteran CNN anchor Candy Crowley is leaving, which means State of the Union needs a new anchor.

And, the show goes to…

Jake Tapper… Maybe. There’s a chance he could manage to juggle The Lead (and maybe take off every Friday, or every Monday) and anchor SOTU.

Gloria Borger… Maybe. She anchored SOTU this past month, and over the summer, co-anchored with Dana Bash.

John King… Maybe. When he was given Inside Politics, it was speculated to be a trial for him to replace Candy Crowley. But will CNN go down that road again?

Wolf Blitzer… Wolf’s getting old and boring, BUT he knows politics. Have him cut his hours, leave The Situation Room, and become the SOTU anchor.

The top of the not-so-likely but possible list?

David Gregory… There was a report he would join CNN; it was later shotdown due to salary problems. But… Could things change now? Yeah.

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  1. Agree, John King is the logical choice. I’ve always tried to catch his shows, from Sunday morning to weekdays @ 6:00 pm to weekdays @ 7:00 pm and now back to Sunday mornings. John King is a talent that CNN doesn’t use enough.

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