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“There’s nobody better in morning TV than Robin Meade”

As I said this morning, HLN chief Albie Hecht was hosting a meeting in which all HLN employees were present. Later, it was revealed Jeff Zucker was also there and re-emphasized HLN was not for sale.

Zucker acknowledged the Vice and Shane Smith controversy with HLN, by saying, “he” (Shane Smith) was an “asshole.” Our source tells us Zucker then said, “leak that!” or “you can leak that!”

Zucker went on to say say he, Shane Smith, has no idea what it takes to program or to run a network.

Zucker answered questions from the HLN audience for approximately forty-five minutes. Someone brought up the fact that Morning Express does better than New Day, with a lot less resources—which got a lot of nervous applause from the audience.

In response to that, CNN President Zucker said, “There’s nobody better in morning TV than Robin Meade.”

Our source says that got a lot of applause from Robin’s team, and Robin herself.

Consider that… Zucker is praising the HLN anchor star, even though they’re beating his pet project of the ratings failure known as New Day.

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