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The quiet tarnishing of CNN Newsroom brand

Quietly, CNN has tarnished the CNN Newsroom branding. The tarnishing is a result of a panel show, showcasing Republican strategist Margaret Hoover, CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin, Democratic strategist Sally Kohn, and legal analyst and commentator Mel Robbins.


I like the show, and I like all of the co-hosts, so don’t misunderstand me: they aren’t the problem.

CNN is the problem.

They allow the CNN Newsroom branding to be used in the show, which is a colossal mistake. On episode one, it was revealed it was a panel of one Republican and three Democrats — which isn’t an impartial Newsroom.

So, give the show a name, and problem solved. (Heck… The co-hosts don’t even introduce the show with a name! They just introduce themselves!)

This show has lasted one month, and no media blog, outside of CNN Commentary, has published a single post about it. Why? Because the show received no promotion and doesn’t even have a name they say on-air… They just use the Newsroom graphics, but don’t acknowledge their use.


1 Comment on The quiet tarnishing of CNN Newsroom brand

  1. Mel doesn’t fit into a democrat/republican mold. She explained her politics on CNN once. She is conservative on crime/economics and liberal on social issues. IMO Mel’s one of the best commentators on CNN. She isn’t a predictable hack like the others.

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