CNN and HLN in competition at 8p

Okay, it’s not often CNN and HLN try to compete. I mean, other than Morning Express with Robin Meade, I think HLN is okay with consistently coming in fourth place.

But tonight, CNN and HLN will both have competing interviews with Michael Brown’s parents, airing in the 8pm hour, on AC360 (hosted by John Berman) and Nancy Grace.

The CNN interview was conducted by CNN legal analyst, Sunny Hostin.

The HLN interview was conducted by the show’s host, Nancy Grace.

Obviously CNN’s interview will have more viewers, since it’s the bigger network, but either way… Very interesting programming choices by the two nets.

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  1. Remember back during the Casey Anthony trial when HLN was beating CNN and MSNBC and Nancy was actually competing with Fox News? HLN had tons of reporters/analysts on the story. Now they never dispatch reporters anywhere…

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