My picks to anchor the iDesk

Following the departure of weekend iDesk anchor Ralitsa Vassileva, there will now be an anchoring vacancy.

My number one pick to take Ralitsa’s slot? Natalie Allen.

Natalie currently anchors CNN Newsroom Thursday-Monday night on CNN International (with some hours simulcast on CNN Domestic). Why not move her to later in the day on the weekends? She has been with the network (on and off) since 1992, and she has a cool, calm presentation that would be welcome on the International Desk.

If she were moved to the iDesk, then George Howell (who relocated to CNN Center and then went on paternity leave) could take her gig on Newsroom; prior to taking his leave, he anchored parts of the block with her, anyways.

Another person who could take Natalie’s shift on Newsroom would be Zain Asher, who just relocated as well.

My second pick to take Ralitsa’s shift (if not Natalie) would be to hire Lynda Kinkade. Lynda is fantastic and has been doing some extensive freelancing work with CNNI (having anchored CNN Newsroom, CNN NewsCenter, and the weekday editions of International Desk).

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