Erin Burnett to 9pm on Mondays?

Okay, Anderson Cooper isn’t on the top of my favorite CNN anchors (he’s close to the bottom, actually). That being said, Coop had another disappointing Monday at 9pm. At 8, AC360 had 137,000 demo viewers. For his second hour at 9pm… he had 96,000 viewers, making that hour the lowest demo of the afternoon and evening. But wait! The 9pm hour was also the lowest total viewers of the afternoon, having a measly 369,000.

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I’ll give you a second to guess who had the highest demo and second highest total viewership of the day.

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That’s right… Erin Burnett!

OutFront had a total of 200,000 demo viewers, making it the highest watched show in the demo for CNN on Monday, from 4pm-12am. (The second place CNN show in the demo was the 11pm hour of CNN Tonight, with 157,000).

The program came in second with total viewers for CNN with 608,000 viewers. (First place was the second hour of The Situation Room with 609,000 total viewers).

My solution?

If CNN is going continue to be live for 24 hours on Mondays (with Coop live from 8-10pm and Lemon 10pm-12am), why not mix it up? Have Erin do OutFront at 7pm and then go live again at 9pm.

Yes, she had a new baby about a year ago…but she also has a job, and considering she’s the only show that’s doing consistently well at CNN…

Plus, she was supposed to be getting a show on CNN International sometime in 2014 — but that doesn’t look to be happening, and an insider at CNNI says that there have been no updates on that to their knowledge.

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