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Problems in The Situation Room

Wolf Blitzer is having a situation in his Situation Room: his staff are leaving, because they don’t like executive producer Jay Shaylor. So, what is Wolf doing about it?

The way a source describes it to The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein makes it seem like he’s doing… basically nothing.

[I]nsiders say he’s “conflict avoidant” and “not an emotional person” and that “his hands are tied.” A theory among staffers: He’s afraid to make waves with so many recent layoffs and relatively new CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker still sorting out what happens next across the board.

Sources say Wolf has tried talking to Shaylor about the complaints. But, says an insider, “It’s almost like Wolf has given up.”

People are jumping ship willingly—these people aren’t even a part of the layoffs!

Apart from [Linda] Roth, here’s the list of those who have hit the road in the last year (and not due to layoffs): Peter Lanier, David Gracey, Rachel Shackelford, Stephanie Kotuby, Marlo Fowler,and Chip Hertzel. Gracey is the exception — he now works elsewhere at the network. Word has it, two other “Situation Room” staffers are “dying to get out.”

You can read Betsy’s full report at The Daily Caller.


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